The Bible is a Sword — 2 Comments

    • Bob,
      Thank you for the question, although the article on which you’ve commented doesn’t include the material you’re questioning. However, I do note my belief that Paul studied in Rome elsewhere. Seneca’s brother was Gallio, with whom Paul had a cordial relationship in Corinth. Paul’s definition of eternal life may have been the Stoic version espoused by Seneca in `On Tranquility of Mind,` once you exclude texts authored pseudonymously. My belief is that Paul was Herodian, as I explain in `Bethlehem`. Roman client kings sent their children to Rome as hostages and to get an expensive education. Paul, to me, based on his travels being retraced after six months or a year, seems to have been a Roman building inspector or mason having learned to train the priestly masons who remodeled the temple (the Herods not being allowed inside). I imagine Rome was very interested in training builders/inspectors after the amphitheater at Fidena fell around 26, killing 50,000. Finally, Paul, Peter, Poppea, and Seneca were all killed or forced to commit suicide in 65, followed by Nero’s forced suicide in 68, linking these. There are other proofs of the Paul’s Herodianness, put forward by other authors (Herodian Messiah by JJ Raymond and Robert Eisenman notes Herodion as Paul’s relative Ro 16:11).
      Good luck with your studies!.`

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