Antisemitism and the Bible — 2 Comments

  1. Contrary to popular anti-Semitic theories, the American newspaper, television, and movie industries are all dominated by non-Jewish owners, producers, and editors. Jewish members of the media are also not a monolith, and they often disagree with each other politically and personally.

  2. Dear Tamiflu,
    True. However, are you sure you posted your comment to the right article? It seems non-sequitur; unrelated. However, your sentiments are thoroughly supported. Here in America, we don’t judge people on their religion or, more specifically, Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion.

    Further, I’m discussing the exact opposite of your charge: In my Thesis for Bethlehem, I’ve noted Rome’s control of the Media: The destruction of Carthage, Polybius’ writings from Corinth, Sulla’s destruction of the library of Alexandria, Josephus/Epaphroditus’ confiscation of the library of Jerusalem along with the thin veneer of “brotherly” love covering the second purpose of the Bible (“brotherly,” in this sense, specifically intended to deride Jesus’ family). Tacitus notes Rome having previously controlled the mass media of one Apollonian sanctuary, and five of books of Tacitus were “lost,” covering Gaius Cassius Longinus’ over-taxation of Israel (Sources Ch 29 Bethlehem).

    Myself, I still observe the Catholic control of the media at Mass, when a Catholic concordance misses some words (bishop, a word which didn’t exist for the earliest of churches), and when a priest explains the Catholic position with respect to the public (do good works and propose Christ) versus Catholics (Rome requires humility and obedience) or when a priest storms into a crowd at an ecumenical gathering in the Jewish community center to declare there not having been a Jerusalem conference (About the Author, Understanding the Bible, Ray Shortell 2013).

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