The Anti-Judaism of the Bible: The Roman Origins of Christianity — 2 Comments

    • Good question, Sir. Several authors have written on the sexism or lack thereof regarding Paul. The Church has only recently allowed altar girls. I’m assuming it took several to have come out in favor of female Rabbis (Pharisees). However, regarding temple priests (Sadducees), 24 families (courses) Rome probably destroyed to prevent further Messianic uprisings, I’ve only found a couple of authors who have at most argued that upon the return from Babylon, some, including Maccabeans, were genealogically unqualified.

      My main resources come from the non-canonical Nag Hammadi documents, the Gospels of Thomas, Judas, and Mary Magdalen, which I believe were written by Alexandria. Our only copies were hidden in Egypt and unearthed around 1954. In these gospels, the apostles are seemingly a foil, probably badly misrepresenting the temple authority, against Jesus’s inclusiveness.

      To put it together, I needed to dwell upon Philo’s description of Alexandria’s hidden Jewish women during Agrippa I’s riot. To me, it seemed there were commonalities between these, burkas, and habits. For me, the key to putting it together was hours of Assassin’s Creed Origins, which trumpets first century Egyptian women owning property and running businesses.

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